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Top 5 Internet Based Business Ideas....

1.  Web Design Internet Business

Building websites is an exploding industry with abundant opportunities for the technically driven and curious. And, you can market and handle all of your projects through the Internet. Just remember that the competition is very strong.
A work at home business as a web designer requires some artistic talents, some programming knowledge and some time to take hold. Charge a fair price -- but offer discounts or consider freelancing sites to get started. As you build your web design portfolio, you can increase your rates and look forward to getting additional clients through word of mouth.
Web designers who want to start an Internet business have an edge - they can showcase what they can do right on their own website. 

2.  Work at Home Business - Resume Writing Service

A resume writing service can make a great Internet home business, especially when many people are looking for work during economic hard times, but also in the good times when those already employed are looking for advancement.
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By some estimates, resume writing fees may range between $100 and $400. Those who are interested in developing a resume writing Internet business can post questionnaires for clients to fill out online and then follow-up by phone with questions, if needed. Resume drafts could also be posted online for clients to view and provide feedback. Then, once your client submits payment (again, can be handled online), you can forward the final work product or make it available for download.

3.  Desktop Publishing Services

Mastering software, meeting deadlines, and making yourself known are the keys to launching a desktop publishing home business. While some desktop publishers like to meet clients in person and serve their local neighborhood market, a desktop publisher who provides services through the Internet has a much broader market to work with. Additionally, working this business online allows you to show prospects samples of your work and to publish testimonials from your satisfied clients.
You can choose to specialize on providing specific services or offering services to specific markets according to your interests. And, some of the ordering and delivery tasks can be handled directly through your website

4.  eBay Trading Assistant

eBay Trading Assistants help people sell their items on eBay. eBay Trading Assistants who operate a home business typically go out to client's homes or businesses to photograph and pick up items and then sell them on eBay on consignment. However, this is a business that can also be run through the Internet.
eBay sellers are always looking for assistance, and with some experience under your belt and some data to back up your expertise, they could turn to you for that assistance, for a handsome fee. You might also consider developing eBooks on eBay success tips and making them available for sale on your website. 

5.  Affiliate Marketing Internet Business

An Internet affiliate program and affiliate marketing networks can be used to market goods and services online. Some Internet affiliate programs offer two ways to make money online - by selling products or services as an Internet affiliate and by signing up other people to join the same Internet affiliate program.
Just about any home business with a website could conceivably profit by placing affiliate ads on their sites, but there are also many who pursue affiliate marketing as a full-time Internet business in and of itself.

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