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5 New Tips to Generate New & Innovative Ideas .....

In today's fast moving world, ideas and the methods of functioning that were adequate yesterday get outdated quickly. If businesses fail to improve upon their products, then they will find themselves becoming rapidly obsolete in the market. So, how do organizations come up with new and fresh ideas to make innovative products and solutions? You would be surprised to know that most of the ideas behind successful projects were accidental, and not through an ongoing process to generate ideas.
Co-ordinate campaigns to solicit ideas on new products and services. Use the online platform to reach your employees across the globe. Enlarge the pool of ideas by including employees from different departments rather than restricting it to the marketing team.
Customer surveys can be a useful tool to generate new ideas. Reach far and outside your own industry for ideas on how to get customer input. Keep expanding your customer base. Look at new and unexplored markets. Don't just look at your present and past customers. By expanding your customer base, you can also expand your ability to generate winning ideas.
Just as you look to your customer base for idea generation, think of your own business as your supplier's Customer. Make a list of your unfulfilled needs and problem areas and share it with your vendors. You will be surprised at the ideas generated by your suppliers!
Examine the climate in which idea creation takes place. Put someone in charge of improving the focus regularly and invest in training sessions, read books, attend seminars, and constantly seek to improve the idea creation skills.
Put your challenge or problem area across different people and ask what they would do if faced with your challenge. You could approach your friends, your family, customers, suppliers, senior citizens, someone from a different culture; in essence anyone who might see things differently. Instead of focusing on your problem areas, think reverse. Consider the situations which could deteriorate or downgrade your product. The reverse ideas will come flowing in. Consider these ideas - once you've reversed them again - as possible solutions for the original challenge.

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