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Top Five Tips to make Call Center Business Successes .......

1. 100% of the representative's attention
2. Resolution with little to no effort on their part
3. Be heard
4. Feel special
5. Accuracy
1. Don't want to be trapped by a voice response or overly standardized system
2. Don't want to call back or be transferred
3. Don't want to wait
1. Help the customer
2. Tools that efficiently and effectively help them do their job
3. Feel confident that their manager will support their decisions
4. Time to dialogue and debate about any changes with one another
5. Leave their work and not bring their work home
1. Don't want to escalate the call to their supervisor
2. Don't want to worry about how much time they spend on the phone
3. Don't want to tell you the wrong thing
Tip One: Give the customer a choice to select an option to address their specific question or speak directly with a customer service representative. Voice response systems must always have a zero to transfer to an operator. Call centers are not doing themselves any favors by forcing someone to pick an option that doesn't fit the reason why they are calling. This leads to dissatisfied, irate customers in addition to unnecessary dial transfers and call backs.
Tip Two: If scripts do not fit the situation, include alternative solutions or attachments to assist the call center representative. If call center services representatives' are following scripting, they must always have a "none of the above" and/or "additional comments" and/or "additional attachments" option. We must put technology back in its place in a supporting customers and employees not working against them. Escalated and repeat calls based on these types of scripting mistakes are an unnecessary capacity planning nightmare.
Tip Three: Allow appropriate time for the call center representatives to engage a conversation with the customer to fully understand and resolve the customer's inquiry. Give call service representatives' time to understand what is being asked of them. Call center representatives are human beings that not only want but also need connection. They need time to absorb, discuss and debate. We all have budgets, however if something is a major change, or things are changing back to the way they used to be done, customer service representatives' need time to learn and grow from one another. At this point in the process, multiple types of communications are necessary. Communications such as team meetings, town halls, morning huddles, small workgroup interactions, etc. A single electronic communication - chat, email; computer based training (CBTs) will not be effective.
Tip Four: Listen and encourage employee feedback. The call center representative feels the pulse of the customer and can often be proactive to problems that may arise rather than be reactive to issues. If a call service rep. tells you why something won't work, listen to them. Empowering people means that they have a voice. It means "We heard you, and we are taking action in very specific ways. You make a difference." Most call center representatives are in the position because they want to help people. Let them help you too! Don't fall into the trap that if you give representatives too much empowerment, they'll do whatever they want. Let me repeat. Customer Service representatives want to help. Let them participate in pilots so they can influence their peers.

Tip Five: Use performance metrics and customer surveys performed by an objective third party to arrive at Best Practices. Pick no more than three to five key performance metrics. One of these metrics must be a Voice of the Customer related. Customer Satisfaction surveys must be conducted by an objective third party. We once helped a company understand why their outsourced call center vendor should not conduct Voice of the Customer Surveys. "Traditional" metrics such as Availability for calls, "Auxiliary time" and "After call" time are not the best metrics to tell you what's happening from the customer's perspective. One particularly effective yet tricky metric is to balance (or weigh) Average Handling Time with First Person or First Call Resolution. This requires efficient and effective call center analytics to help with measurement and enable improved performance.

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