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Interesting! Why Companies Loose their Employees..

A poor working condition could come in a variety of forms. It could be Poor Working Place, Stressful Relationship with the Management, Relationship with Fellow Co-Employees, Poor Location of Work Place, If the work place is not accessible to the employee
Most companies in the India are hiring factory workers in a contractual basis. A contract usually covers 3-5 months to get away from giving social benefits provided to workers of permanent status. Sad to say, but as long as the company's manager believes that workers are expenses rather than assets, there will always be a wide gap between the rich and the poor as wealth is not properly distributed. This is one way of depriving the workers of their rights to live and gain access to the fruit of their labour.

People's working attitude in general is dependent on the proper motivation by the Management. Poor management literally could lower the attitude of the workers towards works. This is what we consider low morale when an individual is no longer happy with what he used to do, the drive to get out of the current position.
Pressure or stress created by co-workers can also pose a threat to working conditions. If a good employee finds himself annoyed by others because of his good relationship with the management, he could end up losing his work to find another job. With this, the management needs to have a clear-cut policy on workers with bad attitudes and working habits.
To get away with expenses and cost, some companies forced their workers to do multi-tasking. And therefore not proper to think that he should be given more task than what currently holds. Any position in company is high-risk and he needs to be alert and attentive especially with peoples & their work. Making peoples busy at all times  is therefore risk to his position.
Factories tend to force their workers to do overtime especially during last-minute deliveries. This is natural but not when it could pose a hazard to their health. Case like this happens when a worker on a grave yard shift is asked to extend working hours or do overtime for another 6-12 hours after his duty hours. Imagine the danger if the worker is a delivery truck driver. There are many reported incidents involving delivery drivers suffering from lack of sleep.
People leave their jobs when they are forced to accept new assignments they don't like. It could be an assignment relocating them to a place which would separate them from their family or give them a job assignment which proves to be a demotion in rank. This is a kind of political harassment which is still a rampant practice in most companies today.

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