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Create Goals !, Achieve Goals !!

What is the difference between goals and objectives?
Create the next scene in your mind and follow these tips. An accomplished archer observes the target at a distance of 25 meters. He takes the bow in his hand, stretching the rope, and directs the arrow towards the target and hits it. In this scene we set the target as the "goal" of the archer and the "target" the path traced by the arrow to reach the target. How many goals were necessary to achieve the goal here? At the moment the archer set the goal, contributed to numerous possibilities he would hit the target. The wind at the time of the situation, the weight and type of arrow used, the force undertaken in the arch at the time of the shot, the distance between him and the target, your body posture to execute the release, in the end, he hit his target because he knew to evaluate all his training variables to achieve the goal and was prepared to overcome them all.

1 - Be specific about your goal. Your goal should be properly defined. It is no use saying I want to buy a house. Defining what type of home do I need, How many rooms should I have, if it has a garage, what interests you inside and outside, its location, the price you are willing to pay. The more defined your goal is, more will be directed your way.
2 - A goal must be achievable, possible and feasible. No use looking for homes valued above its pre-established target, because it becomes cumbersome and certainly frustrate the achievement of your goal.
3 - Goals should bechallenging and important. It takes boldness and courage to achieve the goal. Many do not reach goals in life simply because they do not have the courage to risk. The learning and achievements are made with trial and error. So, embrace the challenge and go after your goals. Remember: "Good is not good where good is expected" - Tom Rabbit.
4 - Make a plan of action. Your ability to set goals and make plans for their accomplishment is the "basic skill" for success. The purpose of planning is to enable you to reach your principal faster and with fewer obstacles goal. So make a multi-directional design with well-defined stages - beginning, middle and end - well established deadlines and sub periods. For each objective make a plan to elaborate goals.
How many times do you think people give up pinching your goals and achieve your goals? The average of just once. Most give up before even making the first attempt. And why give up are all obstacles, difficulties and problems soon arising when they decide to do something they never did before. The fact is that successful people fail far more often than the other. Successful people experience more things, fall, recompose and try again - again and again - until finally win. Those who do not achieve the success they experience a few things, when they experience, they quickly resigned to return to what they were doing before. Resolve to never give up. Fiercely pursue your goals. Spend your life in review and identify the occasions on which its decision was to continue the key to success. Remember these experiences whenever you face any kind of difficulty or discouragement. Always think in terms of what we can do now to solve their problems or achieve their goals, and start immediately! Never give up.
6 - Review your goals daily. Note if you are not forgetting some important detail. You may be revising less important things instead of others with greater need. Retrace your planning goals if necessary to help you accomplish a given goal and approach your goal.
7 - Finally, themost overlooked item of all. The time. Many times we develop a good plan and follow all the details presented above, but we forget to set a timeframe for our goal. Each of them must be executed within a given deadline by which the goal is achieved. We have a habit of forgetting to defer commitments to be performed within the period of time that is required for each target.
Achieve goals. Think with me now. If you need to reach the first floor of a building and only have a ladder to climb what will you do? Of course it will rise step by step to reach the floor. Now if during the ascent some of these steps were taken, will you be able to get there? Maybe, maybe not! This happens when we neglect the goals that make up the ladder of a goal. Each step is important so lets follow these things and reach for the top

Keep your focus, believe and you will achieve. Fight and fight whatever it takes to make your goals come true. Take a deep breath and understand: "persistence is the mark of success because it always comes a step beyond failure".

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