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Top & Essential Catering Equipment for Restaurants!!

In holiday season many malls and stores set up their decorations. The holiday is a busy time for everyone because we're all rushing to get things done while also wanting to take some time to unwind. People want to relax and eat scrumptious food at a restaurant. So, your restaurant needs to be geared up to satisfy the demand.

If you would like your restaurant to be profitable and run efficiently, listed below is essential commercial kitchen equipment that you will require.
Beverage Cooler. The silly season is here and people indulge in a drink or two or three. If you don't have chilled drinks for your customers they may just get up and leave. Coolers chill drinks to perfection and your customers will not be disappointed.
Ice Machine. Along with chilled drinks, you will need to have ice readily available for those drinks. Imagine making a cocktail for a customer and you suddenly run out of ice. No ice equates to an unsatisfied customer and that is not acceptable. ice machines are the preferred brand in the catering industry. 
Cake Display Fridge. This is the time of the year when people forget their diets and desserts are a must have. The fridge beautifully displays mouth-watering cakes within eyeshot of the customers. This will entice them to order dessert. 
Food Processor/Cutter. You don't have a lot of time on hand to chop, slice, or cut vegetables. Using a Food Processor will cut your time in half and it's much safer than slicing vegetables by hand. The Food Processor has an induction motor, a selection of discs, and a magnetic safety system. 

Commercial Potato Peeler. If you serve fresh chips and potato dishes in your restaurant, you don't have the time to sit around and peel potatoes. Invest in a quality commercial Potato Peeler as it is able to peel up to 12 kilograms of potatoes within 2 minutes. 

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