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4 steps to grow your business this year...

I talk about this all the time. You must get very clear about what you want - and how bad you want it. Break it down - be specific - get clear. And then figure out what support you need to achieve those goals.
This is the #1 barrier that most of you face when it comes to making progress, making more money, working with ideal clients and creating your ideal life. Just learn to make a decision! For heaven's sake - get off the fence. Make a decision and move forward. The constant 'thinking about it' puts you into analysis paralysis. Stop that. Learn to make decisions. Be the CEO in your business. Keep moving forward.
Staying in a state of analysis paralysis means you're eating the dust of other entrepreneurs around you. There's tons of business out there. There's plenty for everyone. But you're not in the game because you are afraid - afraid of identifying what you want, afraid of making decisions, afraid of things not being perfect, afraid of what others think, afraid of charging what you're worth - you're just stuck in FEAR. Successful entrepreneurs do feel the fear (oh yes, we DO!) and get in the game anyway. Join us - you'll be happy you did.
Did you really think you could get into the entrepreneurial game and figure it all out by yourself? Really? Who do you think you are? All successful entrepreneurs have a coach - I have TWO! Stop hiding behind the mindset that 'I can't afford it... '. You can't afford NOT TO hire a coach. Why make expensive mistakes? Why re-invent the wheel? Why work in isolation? Listen, it's hard enough to be an entrepreneur but it's a whole lot easier (more fun, and more lucrative too) when you work with someone who's got your back. So, if there's only one thing you do this year - it's to read this article again - and follow each of the steps.

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