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Money Saving Tips For Small Businesses

In the current economic situation that most of the world is experiencing, everyone is trying to save money where they can. This is the same for small businesses. However, if you have a small business it is not so much trying to save money here and there, but about surviving when so many businesses are failing. In the following post we will give you and your small business some helpful tips for saving money.
Although many companies now use laptop computers as standard, if you have desktop computers you may want to consider changing the hardware you use. It is reckoned that laptop computers use around 90% less power than desktop computers. So if possible, having your employees use laptop computers may save you money in the long run.
You should look at your phone usage and research different ways to reduce the expense. Whether you do this by reducing the number of phone lines your business uses, changing the tariff or plan that your business uses or consider ditching traditional phone use altogether in favour of cheaper internet services such as VOIP. If you have an open mind about the way your company chooses to communicate then you will definitely save some money.
Instead of paying the monthly statement fees and charges associated with your business bank account, use one of the online payment services, such as PayPal. Before you switch, though, you should check if it will be worth it, taking into consideration the transaction fees. It may be that you won't save much by switching to PayPal, but if you can make a considerable saving by switching, then you should definitely think about it.
Printer ink is one of the most expensive consumables used in offices. This is why it is important to look at ways you could save on this rising cost. Consider the different options including: buying recycled or third party printer cartridges and buying a bulk load of cartridges at one time.
Following on from the previous tip about printer ink, another way that you could save money on printer use could be by reducing the number of printers you actually use in your workplaces. Instead of having individual printers for each computer used, consider setting up a network printer so that everyone in one office uses the same printer. Although this may mean that there is a queue for the printer, the savings you make from it will make up for the rare and only slightly annoying times when more than one person needs to use the printer at the same time.

The above is by no means an exhaustive collection of money saving tips; there are many other ways you can save. You, as the owner, know your business better than anyone else and will know of ways you can cut costs and save.

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